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  • Grantee: US Fulbright Scholarship for M.Ed. program.

  • Grantee: DFID scholarship for M.Phil. program.

  • Grantee: Government Merit Scholarship for B.Ed. (Hons.) result.

  • Member:  The Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi and Fulbright Association

  • Education team member: a2i program of the Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh (2015-2016).

  • Researcher, Faculty, Trainer, and Educator: for nine years (2010-up to date). 

  • Lead Implementer: “Problem-based Learning” program at public schools.

  • Producer and Editor:

  • Team Writer: Government Report- “The Futures of Education in Bangladesh: Envisioning 2041”.

  • Coordinator: Braille book dissemination for blind learners.

  • Second Awardee: Civil Service Foundation Training.

  • Master Trainer: “Digital Content Development” , “Teaching English”, and "Life Skill based Education."

 Program Development    University Teaching 
 Qualitative Research 

 Scholarly Writing   

 Teacher Training   Project Proposal 

I Lead and Advise educational organizations in school development initiatives,

teacher training,
and curriculum design.

I work as a Lecturer of Education for Bangladeshi government teachers' training colleges. My experience of the last nine years encompasses teaching educational theories at undergraduate and graduate level classes in both Bangladesh and the United States; providing pedagogy training to K-18 teachers; researching educational phenomena; and making research-based policies for the education system in Bangladesh.


I also work at the Access to Information Program ( on using ICT for evolving educational ecology in Bangladesh through different educational initiatives like, students’ learning contents (; digital teaching contents (; multimedia classroom (; and online learning for diverse stakeholders’ personal and professional development ( 

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